Kyklotron Group Companies (KGC) are constantly developing and improving new technology to meet both the changing customer needs and new security challenges. KGC serves the international market with products and solutions of the highest accuracy, aiming at applications in both civil defence and military security. In order to meet the needs of our customers we are continually striving to bring our distributors our best products and services. DRAMS EWS locates and represents explosives on a GIS  environment, giving the ability to command, control and monitoring explosives detection operations in real time

WHY  US ?   WMTS Followers

Explosives detection systems detect explosives in 90-100 feet range when the NATO STANDARD minimum safety range (for  minimum quantity - 1/2 pound of TNT) is 300 meters. This highlights the danger of using those explosive detection systems. Could not prevent terrorists or saboteurs to reach their targets without being noticed. KYKLOTRON E3 sensors systems series detect explosives from minimum to >20000 meters.  Locate explosives accurately and record their exactly position in a GIS digital data base, giving the operational opportunity ( and appropriate time) to the security forces tο eliminate the threat, before the threat could approach the target.  



Detection Tech          Method

Explosive detection based on the magnetic attraction phenomenon. All common nitrogen based explosives (including ammunition), potassium chlorine- based explosives and liquid explosives detected. WMTS tech certified by 4 patents, owned by Kyklotron Ltd. For a successful protection against Improvised Explosive Devices, our activities include :