It is expressly prohibited with any way and for any reason, the violation of nutshell or any other part of any KYKLOTRON series system. Such an action, except other possible  damages on the system or on humans, will probably dislocate the factorial regulations of the system and it influences negatively the equitable operation of the system. The use of all or part or any element of any KYKLOTRON series system, for use by any other system, machine or element  without  written authorisation of Kyklotron Ltd, is prohibited.                   

The acceptance and observation of rules and policies, and   the conformity with the quoted directives and those that are entered expressly so much in official web site as in accompanying the sale document of each system of KYKLOTRON LTD, constitute obligation and simultaneously responsibility of the purchaser of the system.  Not OBSERVATION of something  from those, or part or the total, renders the purchaser guilty of  bad use, case at which KYKLOTRON LTD rejects any responsibility for system results, partial or total destruction of the system that supplied, or for each other consequence that concerns the system or third persons.

KYKLOTRON LTD does not accept any responsibility for the aims, the way and the time, that the buyer of any of our systems will use the system.

While all other explosive detectors needs samples to be collected from the suspected material, Kyklotron E3 sensor is the world’s 1st and only one system that can detect and localize the explosives from a distance. It is up to the user how effectively it can be handled and utilized for localizing the explosive area and conducting further search operations to identify and defuse the explosives to prevent the loss of life and property. Before doing any search operation the operator needs thorough knowledge of the device and also needs full-fledged training of handling the equipment.  Kyklotron ltd offers original multilevel training to DRAMS and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor users. During this training, in every level,  user has to pass real , totally blind tests for  occupying  an original training certificate.     

UNTRAINED users of any level of  DRAMS and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor handling, could be extremely dangerous because can produce destructive results missing the real targets.   

DRAMS and KYKLOTRON E3 sensor user must ever have in mind that : 

  • Though detects explosives on the tress and building but, may get influenced by the larger quantity of explosives beyond the search operation area.

  • Multiple explosives within the distance of 50m to each other

  • Will have be treated as a single target and the detection done

  • From long distance to be should be considered.

  • This system - sensor is not a very near (pin point locator)

  • Only well trained operators needs to handle the device

  • Don’t do the scanning while walking

  • Any moving target influences the detection of fixed target

ATTENTION : The legislation in each country possible it places restrictions with regard to the possession or use of these OR similar systems. The knowledge of  the specific  laws ( legislation in force ) for each country, or any territory in the planet, it is a responsibility of the purchaser   and not  KYKLOTRON's Ltd.

Responsibly for resolution of all kinds of differences between the involved parts, are the courts of Cyprus.