AFGHANISTAN  IED strikes vehicle NATO - Video 03/14/2013 - 16:51
Afghan Taliban who move in placing improvised explosive device (IED) shows the video you can see. The date is November 3, 2010 and the rebels use the usual tactics of the installation of the mechanism on roadsides where vehicles are expected to pass NATO.
Identifying the rebels and the mounting mechanism seems to be via camera observation of the special forces of the U.S. Army without realizing quality rebels. The strange thing is that in case no one notifies the mechanism and the part is positioned so the next day a NATO vehicle to fall victim
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See Video (wmv):IDEAFGANISTAN.flv



IS FOR THEM ... to piss by the (police) dogs!




The news is not very popular  yesterday that the cabinet started with a delay of one quarter because the police dog section neutralizing explosives mobilized-as always-to investigate the place of the meeting not bore ... and made ...
need in the anteroom of the hall, which would meet the Greek minister government under the Messinian ... Immediately asked the maids of parliament to decontaminate the area so as not bothered by the ... French noses of  the nation savers


At the  Vouliagmeni beach (Greece) found a bomb from WWII

From | NewsIT - 31 minutes before
Alarm the beach of Vouliagmeni! Found shrapnel from WWII - 21 minutes before

- The bomb was found Monday morning in the beach of Vouliagmeni
- Immediately called the police and then O. .. army
- Drained the beach on the pretext that there is a technical problem
- The bomb was found near the lifeguard tower
Those who decided Monday morning to go to the beach of Vouliagmeni to take a dip, definitely did not expect that they would leave ... anyhow!
The reason? Detected bomb of World War II, around the lifeguard tower and immediately signaled ... alarm.

Alerted the police, the beach was evacuated to avoid jeopardizing one and asked the army to neutralize it.
To avoid panic, managers told the world that the beach ekkneonetai due to a technical problem.


The bomb of WWII was detected during the course of work performed in the Axios River Bridge Street in East-rock, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki (GREECE).

Work began before about a year and last June found the shrapnel from the contractor who undertook the project. Result was to follow all the statutory procedures to remove from the Army.

In the subject of today's meeting of the Metropolitan Commission and approved the signature of a framework Antiperifereias between Thessaloniki and the General Staff to do further research on the identification and removal of ordnance from the area Axios river.

The training contract was deemed necessary as the continuation of the project but also the protection of public safety required a further check on the site to find other shells if any.

"Once found and removed the shell we want to make inquiries in the area as soon as possible to know that there are no other ammunition. We do not play with the security of citizens, "said antiperifereiarchis Thessaloniki Apostle Tzitzikostas.

The main Tzitzikostas said he would make contacts with both the commander of the Third Army Corps and the commander of the General Staff to investigate the possibility of such investigations without the financial burden of Antiperifereias Thessaloniki.

Bomb blast in his home owner N.Tsakou (Greece) - 1 hour 0 minutes ago

Bomb blast in his home owner N.Tsakou
Bomb blast occurred Wednesday evening outside his house owner Nikos Tsakos, opposite the Odeon without injuries occur. The device was powerful and caused damage to cars and windows oikion.Eiche preceded unknown phone call to the newspaper Eleftherotypia, who warned that a bomb would explode in his home owner located at the intersection of Robert Galli and Propylaea.
Immediately the police, despite the short time ruled the entire block, evacuated the surrounding houses and the house of the owner.
At home, according to initial information was, there was a private guard and three men servants.
At 8.31 the bomb exploded and caused damage to parked cars and windows of shops and houses in the area.
Was found to have transferred bag and the perpetrators left her in a flowerbed next to the stone fence of the residence of the owner. .
Counterterrorism officers found from debris, several similarities with the bomb which had exploded on January 20, 2013 at the mall «The Mall» in Maroussi.
Spyros Kountouris

Somalia: 10 killed in car bomb blast
03/18/2013 - 13:11

    Near the presidential palace in the Somali capital, there was a car bomb, of which at least 10 people were killed.
   According to police, the explosion caused damage to a small bus and shops located along a busy road.
   "At least ten people were killed and seven injured in the explosion," he told Reuters a senior police official.
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At least 25 killed in explosions at bus station

From | 18/3/2013 - 26 minutes before
At least 25 people died in five explosions that occurred today at a bus station in the city of Kano in northern Nigeria, in an area where activities are Islamist group, Boko Haram.
The explosions destroyed many buses in the district of Kano Gary Sabby, inhabited mainly by immigrants from the Christian south. Cops and soldiers have blocked the area.
So far no organization has claimed responsibility, but believed behind the bombings hiding Boko Haram, which has recently launched repeated attacks on the city.
"I ran to save myself and I managed to get out after the second explosion. Lot inside collapsed dead. Behold, my clothes are soaked with blood," said one man who stood on the spot, showing a bloodstained shirt. "I saw three buses ablaze. One was filled with passengers and was preparing to leave the station," told from the perspective of a local official who sought anonymity of.
Some time earlier, the Islamists holding hostages seven French tourists, members of the same family, have published a video in which the father of the family reads a text that threaten to continue the kidnappings and bombings if the authorities of Cameroon continue the arrests of their supporters.
In the videotape, delivered to reporters in Nigeria will get the tango French Moulin-Fournier to appeal to the government of Cameroon to release the supporters of Boko Haram to the kidnappers to release him and his family. "I do not want to clash with Cameroon. However, conceive again if their men in Cameroon, will multiply the kidnappings and attacks" heard saying the French hostage. The authenticity of the video is examined by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.